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20- 30th August 2019


A Mother & Daughter Pirate Adventure

Build a canoe | Paddle the Great Glen Way | Walk back | Wild-camp along the way 


On 20 August, we are setting off in a home-made canoe,

built from scrap wood under the instruction of a boat building expert. To us, it was important not to use fresh raw materials and help conserve the limited resources. We will paddle 60 miles of the Great Glen Way between Fort William and Inverness and walk back. The elements will test the strength of our character, especially the Scottish summer weather,  headwinds and midges...

Every night, our intrepid team - my 11-year-old daughter, Little Lobster, me and the family dog, Little Miss Shadow – will sleep outdoors by the waterside.


We will carry all our provisions including enough food to last the whole journey, and those all-important mosquito nets.

We will be sharing science information along the way – including what invasive species in our waterways look like and what we can all do to help prevent their spread (Check-Clean-Dry)

On a windy day an umbrella will serve as sail and help propel us forward! We will live on the water for 11 days, seeing it in all its abundance and beauty and for the great pleasure it can bring to so many. 

TeamAA xx

When we dream big, the collections of  small decisions

and actions lead to infinite possibilities for growth and joy.





Meet The Ferocious Pirate Crew



11 yrs old. Her sharp wits allow her to learn quickly. Their adventures throw quite a bit more than a wrench her way but she always looks at the bright side.


A force to be reckoned with. Drawn into life on the high seas. Like a child, she has a fairly rose-tinted view of the world where everything is possible. 


A notorious pirate, ready for battle in whatever form it 

may come. Bereft of manners, makes an awful lots of noise

when she eats.

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What tremendous consequences will come from these little pirates. Addi and Athina are bold, ambitious and inspire. They write history on their terms.

Professor Manuel Barcia

Chair of Global History

University of Leeds

Fort William - Inverness - Fort William 

120 Miles - 11 Days


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Invasive Species

Did you know?


Invasive non-native species are easily spread. Many invasive aquatic species are small and can survive out of water for over 2 weeks on damp clothing or equipment. That's why it is important that we wash our vessels before and after entering a waterway. 

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