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Life’s pretty good

‘Believe and you instil belief in your heart and in the hearts of those around you’ -Addi After the success of the first Pirates of the Canal voyage, a second is planned for another epic mother-daughter tale to satisfy our growing curiosity about the world. This is to be even more ambitious, seeing us build our own vessel from recycled materials and Athina is introduced to the wonderful world of engineering. If the Kon-Tiki expedition proved a log raft can sail the Pacific, why wouldn’t water pipes float across Lancaster canal? Born in Athens I was taught from a young age the ancient Greek ideal, that sport is preparation for life. 2,500 years ago a wise man named Socrates famously said: A s

Overcoming hurdles

"When we first read your application about a pirate-mouse raft made out of water pipes and old office chairs we thought it was a joke! Have you done anything like this before?" Roy's voice shows signs of real concern whilst he stares at my poorly sketched design. "Trust me I have all the credentials you need; it’s not my first crazy adventure or last!" I announce proudly. The meeting with the Canal and River Trust goes well and all important aspects to ensure this adventure is safe are discussed. "Here, take this and study what the signs stand for" he says and points at the symbols on his Lancaster canal book. "For example" he adds "these are showers and this one represents a marina", "Cupca

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