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A family afloat

6am- The dreadful and loud buzzing sound of the cruel alarm clock echoes. ‘I am not sure my body can handle much more of this getting out of bed nonsense’ she mutters under her breath and resets the alarm. Let’s face it, waking up before 7am should be illegal. Why did they cancel driving down South the night before? Because the World Athletics Championships is on and they simply couldn’t afford to miss Mo Farah (lives priorities, ha?) Fortunately, Mo gives them something to remember with possibly one of his best 10,000 metres race to date. Athina cheers and shouts relentlessly for 26mins (practically half the time of what it takes Addi to run the same distance!) ‘You see Mummy? I cheered for

Mouse Trouble

It all starts with a book. One cold winter night, mother and daughter from the comforts of their snuggly bed and with a simple flick of a page, turn back time and travel over 6,900km across the Pacific Ocean on a raft named Kon-Tiki in the company of Norwegian explorer, Thor Heyerdahl. It is such a powerful and legendary journey, they know that instant (they just do!) that something wonderful is about to happen- ‘Why don’t we build our own raft and go exploring love?’ asks an enthusiastic Mum. ‘But what are we going to build it with?’ responds the sensible human. Mum pauses to think for a second ‘How about, water pipes, old wood pallets and all things nice? ‘OK, but we won’t go on the Pacif

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