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‘Impossible’ is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools

Did you know, when the time comes for the wild Scottish salmon to breed, it returns to the stream of its birth to lay eggs in the same spot where it was born? To accomplish this, it swims upstream against the current. As a lover of all-things Scottish including the Scottish wild salmon and the exotic Scottish accent (Aye!) I sign up for a real Scottish experience: the Red Bull Neptune Steps race. The event includes swimming upstream inside Maryhills’ locks and climbing 18m over seven canal lock gates. An obstacle race in its most brutal form- Last year’s entries sold out in just 8 minutes so I am delighted to be successful in entering this years’ race. With only 2 weeks left to prepare, ther

A mud-luscious race

Saturday 4th March, 9am. Chrys and I, surrounded by another 100 runners somewhere in Otley listen carefully to the race brief. It’s our first ultra but we’re not making a big deal. Both passionate about sports and with our fair share of races we feel optimistic; it’s only 10km more than a Marathon, how bad can it be? Big on enthusiasm, it’s true what they say: Ignorance is bliss! Not long after we start, we smile at each other and say: ‘Wow, look at all this mud!’ (7 hours later we repeat this sentence followed by: ‘… this S*%& is never going to end, is it???’) Trying to run in thick paste-like mud and ascend 1.300m with a backpack is no mean feat. We accept it will be some tough 50km; this

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