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A day with Aesop and the children

I learnt several things early on: That the deepest pleasures come from the simplest sources, that hard work pays off and that we can create opportunities to add to the happiness of others. Before we moved to Leeds, Athina and I would visit an elderly man named Fred who sadly had no family and only a few friends left. He was extremely fond of the Ancient Greeks and on occasions we read the classics together. On Christmas day 2013, Athina and I decided to spend it feeding the homeless and those with no family at the Salvation Army. It was the day Fred gave us one of his favourite childhood books; The Fables of Aesop. A truly beautiful gesture and a book full of practical wisdom that has given

We Love SwimRun

The Love SwimRun race celebrated its first event in Snowdonia last weekend. 16km of off-road running and open-water swimming joy. It involved 4 legs of each discipline and the catch was that we had to race self-sufficiently. Each participant had to swim and run with trainers on and a wetsuit at all times. The survival kit went inside a tow-float bag that was pulled and carried from start till the end of the race. What’s there not to love about it ? I hear you say. Correct: Variety is after all the spice of life- Admittedly I hardly ever dismiss an attractive adventure idea, in my head, anything can be achieved. So I phoned a friend; Jen and before long we agreed to meet in Wales and see what

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