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THE PIRATES OF THE CANAL 3 - a coracle adventure

323 miles - 4 weeks - 202 LOCKS

In  1974 Bernard Thomas, a Welsh fisherman famously paddled his coracle across the Channel. Feeling inspired, we asked ourselves: Why don't we adventure with a coracle  (HMS Menyn) from the Northest to the Southest UK canal? 
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  • One coracle | One bike

  • 323 miles | 202 locks | 4 weeks

  • From the Northest canal point to the Southest ​via Canal & River Trust waterways.

  • Mum Paddles/Walks.

  • Athina cycles by her side for half the journey.


  • The intrepid duo camp along the way.

  • They name their yellow coracle 'HMS Menyn.' It means 'Buttercup' in Welsh. The flower represents humility, childishness and also ‘your charm dazzles me.'

  • We are raising money for the Ironbridge Coracle Trust to help them preserve their heritage. To sponsor us please click here.



Yorkshires teeniest-tiniest explorer dog (2.6kg.)  She loves adventuring, chasing pigeons and a good belly rub. 


Spirited ten-year old.  Though little by age, Athina is capable of some surprising acts of moral and physical courage!


Addi is a force to be reckoned with. She is at her happiest when challenged by the natural elements.

What does Prof. Manuel Barcia (University of Leeds) say about us? 


Our instagram updates

“Drain the bowl, each fearless soul!
Let the world wag as it will;
Let the heavens howl, the devil growl,
Drain the bowl, and fill! ”

TeamAA’s new adventure – now featuring a new member in Little Miss Shadow – is certainly their boldest to date. Four weeks and 323 miles of piracy along the canals are certainly a test of endurance and perseverance, but they are more than prepared for that. Addi and Athina will follow the steps of many other famous pirates like Anne Bonny and Mary Beard, showing that you don’t have to be a man, or even an adult, to undertake such an intrepid endeavor. Arrr!


While researching the history of Atlantic pirates, I have found that they were daring and brave, although also cruel and mean. TeamAA are different as unlike those pirates, they are a true source of inspiration. They inspire us as they take on this new challenge likely facing the heat, the rain, the wind, negotiating hundreds of locks and several other obstacles while making new friends and writing their own amazing story along the way.

Professor Manuel Barcia 

Professor of Latin American History
Pro-Dean International.

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures 



From: Tewitfield Marina (Lancaster Canal)

To: Thames Locks No 101 (Kew Gardens, London)

To check our live route updates click here

What is a 'Coracle?' 
  • The coracle is a small, lightweight boat.


  • Traditionally found in Wales, parts of Western and South West England, Ireland and Scotland. Also found in India, Vietnam, Iraq and Tibet. 

  • Corricles are oval in shape, and look like half a walnut shell.

  • Coracles are very old, Julius Caesar saw them in Britain in the 1st century AC. Archaeologist believe they have discovered the remains of a coracle in a Bronze Age grave at Barns Farm near Dalgety Bay.


  • Made with a framework of split willow branches, twisted together and tied with willow bark. Originally the outer layer was animal skin covered with a thin layer of tar to keep the water out.